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Bruno Alfandari M.D. is a specialized Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic surgeon practicing in Bordeaux, France.

He has acquired his experience being part of the best teams of specialists at the Necker Hospital in Paris and at the University Hospital of Bordeaux. Today, Dr. Alfandari offers his patients modern and efficient techniques of cosmetic surgery in Bordeaux, France. His activity is based on 10 commitments such as: aLentive listening, advice given from a professional point of view adapted to the patient’s needs, adopt the safest procedure available ...

Dr. Alfandari also practices the cosmetic medicine in Bordeaux. It is based on gentle techniques such as injection of botulinum toxin, a purified toxin used for the treatment of vertical lines between eyebrows, corners of the eyes, the forehead or bridge of the nose etc... This technique of cosmetic medicine does not leave any scars and rejuvenates the skin without surgery.

Cosmetic surgery is used to correct imperfections in different areas of the face and body like : breast implants, liposuction or nose surgery. Discover all cosmetic surgery techniques practiced by Bruno Alfandari M.D, he welcomes you to his office in Bordeaux.

Doctor Alfandari is also experienced in reconstructive surgery. These methods are intended to correct imperfections due to illness or accidents. Doctor Alfandari regularly aLends cosmetic surgery conferences in France and abroad to keep in touch with innovations and offer his patients the most modern techniques.

Benefit from the expertise of Bruno Alfandari M.D. in medicine and cosmetic surgery in Bordeaux. He is at your disposal to answer all your questions and give you the most adapted solution during a consultation.